This is me:

This is me as a kid. It's one of my favorite pictures. That's my stuffed dog (Max) on the steps. That's a picture of my parents on their wedding night. Directly next to my head is a homemade disco-ball that I was trying to light with the flashlight by my feet. This picture is cluttered, noisy, and confusing - but it was honest. I think it perfectly encapsulates who I was as a kid.

This is me now:

This is me as a big kid. Apparently, I never grew out of the disco-ball phase. This was another honest moment. I remember thinking "How do I stuff this room of light and color into a device the same size as my hand?" My client could tell I was lost in thought, so she decided to snap this photo on her phone.
I love the honest moments that photography can create, and I am grateful for everyone who allows me to be there for one. 
Enough about me. Let's work together to create a photo you honestly love.